a mentor in your pocket.

personal advice at your fingertips.

SETIO® Video analysis

Our video analysis is
based on your pace,
six running metrics
and supported by
+20 characteristics
from the video. All
leading to an
recommendation for
optimization -
provided in a
illustrative video with
optimal sequence of
focus areas.

SETIO® proactive follow-up

The App will guide, inform and communicate with you during your run.
Metronome and voice feedback will guide you to your optimum and support your learning and progression.
Performance data and running metrics will be the basis for your optimization.
Your evaluation will help us to help you to get in control.
Our experts will communicate with you through the Mentor chat.
To support performance data, running metrics and your evaluation you can upload video. Running is simple, controlling it complex - but possible.
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We are running fast to provide you with updates, new features and tools to optimize your running.