Prevent We support injury prevention through optimization of biomechanics, tissue and training based on technology, learning and interaction. Clip the sensors on, turn on the cell and run safely - online physios and running experts support the progress and constraints.


Our experts support you to get back on track balanced and controlled by evaluation of injuries, training condition and movement patterns. We use clinical knowledge, research and the Setio App and sensors to support you and we monitor load and progression by evaluation of injuries, training condition and training and movement patterns to optimize recovery through safe progression.


By training plans and mentoring we help runners to conquer through control of progression and optimization. We support you to boost your stamina and maximize the effect from training to fulfill your dreams.


We use individualized tailormade programs and metrics during running to support your optimization of motor patterns to run easier and reduce the load.We believe that any runner at all levels can improve through individual programs supported by technology combined with clinical expert advices, knowledge bases and exercises.


We are running fast to provide you with updates, new features and tools to optimize your running.